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  • n. A nucleus colony; a small bee colony created from a larger colony.


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  • Wild the­or­iz­ing from psgels, most of which I think is abso­lute non­sense (I still have my doubts that this is even earth and why is every­one so obsessed with the idea of nuc­lear weaponry?) but he did hit upon the idea that those spider tanks were not act­ing the same way the human-piloted tanks were.

    Anime Nano!

  • Hell, just getting them to understand the importance of reactor safety would take a year-about what it had taken him to learn all those things once upon a time, and Mancuso wasn't a "nuc" by training.

    The Bear and the Dragon

  • Bill C: Lex, Do the F-18's have any kind of nuc delivery mission?

    Neptunus Lex

  • By the way when Bush is going to Bombe them? should I say nuc them?

    Pelosi blasts, McCain defends Bush comments

  • We had 2 nuc plants shut down while he was working and had to move across country for new jobs.

    Would you move 1000 miles for your job?

  • More environmentalists coming out in favour of nuc...

    Pakistan on the brink....

  • We could nuc any target and probably no nation would dare retaliate militarily for fear of even worse.

    Harry Fuller: Privately Rich, Publicly Poor

  • Reply: Cockroaches and lawyers would be the only survivors of a nuc

    Worse Than the Great Depression?

  • It's not when she dropped her first nuc-u-lar, and my mind screamed "sweet lord, please, not four more years of mispronunciation of a force that could turn us all into cosmic lint."

    Peggy Drexler: There is Something About Sarah

  • Energy policy - all of it, from domestic exploration to refinery capacity to clean coal to drastically overburdened generation and transmission structures to nuc - can't be ignored or yammerheaded any longer.

    "Tensions boil between Obame-Clinton camp."


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