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  • adv. Not much, hardly, barely, to an insignificant degree.
  • interj. A response to the greeting/question What's up?


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aphetic form of not much


  • rocky, then 'nuch' , or it could have been Weiss ass.

    Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday

  • Norm Coelaman's actions show he's not interested in the state as nuch as he is interested in what is good for Norm Coleman.

    BREAKING: Minnesota's highest court rules for Al Franken

  • Their demonstrations are not a circus and therefore, do not get as nuch media attention.

    Obama adviser: Protesters wrong about health-care reform

  • That certainly makes you see things nuch differently.

    An Enduring Marriage

  • Tuesday marked 7 long years without my Dad-impossible that so nuch time has slipped by, that so much has changed without me being able to share it with him, that the pain and the memory of that day still take my breath away.

    If Prayers Were Horses, Grievers Would Ride - Her Bad Mother

  • Thge fallicy is saying that any governement intrusion is wrong the fact is government can do nuch good when it is really designed to help the people ... but the free traders do not want to hear that because that would mean they should help out their fellow man .. cannot have that it cuts into profit! gearkat

    McCain: families need to be in charge of health care

  • Obama talks about honesty, and if he is honest, he should acknowledge how nuch CNN helps his candidacy, albeit subtle just like in above to raise the doubt of Clinton's win with double digits.

    Was Pennsylvania a double-digit Clinton win - or not?

  • And rasing the costs to almost an asurb level if what you guys say is ture and they start taxing the guns and ammo so nuch that the avergae joe cannot afford it thats just plian socailism not a decomcarcy please excuse me spelling never been good at that if you take time ot think about it I am sure you will find allot of rights we once had we no longer due.

    David E.

  • In addition they have a nuch less incidence of co-morbitity related to prematurity.

    A Taste of Economic Ridicule, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • But I was also kind of shocked when nuch was on the radio telling us how this bill making it harder to buy bullits would make us safer, despite lobbying from gun groups who say it will only drive sales out of state and the usual refraid of "it won't stop criminals because criminals buy their guys and ammo illegally."

    "Free Craig X. Rubin!"


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