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  • n. The advocacy of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology for the maintenance of national security


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  • Crucial to the Hiroshima legacy is what we call nuclearism, the exaggerated dependency on nuclear weapons and frequent embrace of them to the point of nearworship.

    'The New War Over Hiroshima': An Exchange

  • When Pope John XXIII talked about "the signs of the times" -- poverty, nuclearism, sexism -- I began to read these new signs with a new conscience and with a new sense of religious life in mind.

    Sister Joan Chittister, OSB: How I Came To Understand Sin

  • There is a lot of news about nuclearism these days.

    The New Anti-Nuclear Movement

  • It's John 23 who actually identified the woman's question as one of the three major signs of the times, along with poverty and nuclearism.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2005

  • Is such a position "religious," and therefore a contradiction in authors who condemn the religion of nuclearism?

    The Nuclear Difference

  • Similarly, debates about nuclearism in non-proliferation contexts and critical race theory in education.

    Popular Posts Across MetaFilter

  • At the same time, we wish to envision a radical, ecologically sound socialist alternative, beyond the limits of capitalism, militarism, nuclearism and imperialism. ยป Recent Blogs

  • These foreign policy veterans are promoting a policy of anti-nuclear nuclearism (www. / fpiftxt / 5782).

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • Rather, they'll be pragmatic decisions based on various crises the U.S. nuclear weapons complex is facing, calculated to promote the Orwellian politics of anti-nuclear nuclearism at every turn.

    Foreign Policy In Focus

  • Credit is due to BondGraham and Parrish for coining the term "anti-nuclear nuclearism."

    Foreign Policy In Focus


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