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  • n. nurse


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

nurse +‎ -ie


  • Joan won't call nursie silly; sure you won't, lovey?

    Two Little Travellers A Story for Girls

  • A young lady, prettily dressed and pleasant to look at, recited a poem about a certain "nursie" who in the course of her professional duties tended one "Percy."

    A Padre in France

  • "'If you don't age some,' I says to Peewee, 'nursie'll come around here,' n 'put a nice fresh panty-waist on you!'

    Blister Jones

  • So glad your back nursie, missed your generous comments

    Happy Walpurgis Night « Jahsonic

  • I'm as miserable as he is, and right now he's trying to get into my shirt for a nursie.

    When Blessings Are Curses

  • She wanted her bottle and that was also a nursie no go until it was all over.

    Shots, Shots, Shots...

  • I just want to talk to your Uncle Parth here about what it takes to find a cushy job like what he's found for himself, nursie-maiding for old Colonel Burvelle. '

    Shaman's Crossing

  • She cuts the crusts off his sandwiches, she puts his THE LITTLE RED KING nursie-school drawings on the fridge with magnets that look like little plastic fruits, she calls him 'Bama and that's a special name to him

    The Dark Tower

  • In the afternoon when he gets home from nursie-school (by the time he's old enough to know it's actually nursery school he will be out of it) he watches Million Dollar Movie in his room.

    The Dark Tower

  • Maybe marrying an obsequious wee nursie somewhere along the line to bear a couple of baby doctors to play with and be proud of when distraction was called for.

    Quite Ugly One Morning


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