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  • n. An ancient Greek or Roman shrine consecrated to water nymphs, often with a fountain.


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From Latin nymphēum.


  • What is most striking about the nymphaeum is the fact that most of its original statuary seems to be present, collapsed inside the water basin.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos 2003 - Lower Agora Report 14

  • A visitor may walk behind the water through the rusticated arcade of the concave nymphaeum, which is peopled by marble nymphas. TravelStream? ? Recent Entries at

  • Besides the 4 m tall hero occupying the Northwest Heroon (hero shrine) and the twice-life size statues of Dionysos from the mid-Antonine nymphaeum (fountain house) on the Upper Agora, there is a 5 m tall Apollo statue from the late Hadrianic nymphaeum above the city's Lower Agora.

    Colossal Head of Roman Empress Unearthed

  • The buildings of major importance include the theater, octagonus, monumental gate, nymphaeum and the necropolis.

    Hierapolis-Pamukkale, Turkey

  • Hadrian's connection to the city was also signaled by a gilded statue of Hadrian, possibly erected in ca. A.D. 129-132, housed in the nymphaeum along the major E-W street connecting the Baths with the Apollo Klarios Temple (which at the time of the construction of the Baths still also housed the Imperial cult).

    Hadrian at Sagalassos

  • The newly-discovered Lupercal appears to comprise a natural grotto enlarged by construction to give it the form of a nymphaeum measuring some 9 meters tall and some 7.5 meters in diameter.

    2007 November 20 archive at

  • A water channel runs right down the center of the street from the base of the acropolis, where a large nymphaeum was kept full by the water god Kestros.

    Log of the Eclipse (5)

  • There was an elaborate fountain or nymphaeum and a large Roman theater, where carvings of comedy and tragedy masks are still visible on randomly-scattered chunks of ruin.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Nevertheless, some extraordinary properties are going to come on the market, including a well- preserved 2,000-year-old nymphaeum shrine of the nymphs in central Rome or the Auditorium of Mecenate, which was once the property of the Emperor Tiberius, a former convent and an ex-monastery, various disused barracks and some thundering 19th-century public buildings.

    Berlusconi flogs the family silver

  • Preparation of the final anastylosis of the Antonine nymphaeum on the Upper Agora continued.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos 2003 - Restoration & Conservation Report 5


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