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  • n. Plural form of obsessive.


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  • The whole world A small number of super-geeky obsessives is abuzz over the upcoming launch of Facebook Usernames, an exciting new feature that will let you put some parts of your name into a web address.

    Exclusive: The Future of Facebook Usernames - Anil Dash

  • Once every 6 months in a TV interview watched by obsessives is not good enough.

    Living in a Playground

  • Puzzles are age-old, but in recent years they've become all the rage with Sudoku and crossword obsessives and people of all ages embracing the idea of brain training, which is proven to stave off Alzheimer's and senile dementia.

    Home | Mail Online

  • Speaking as one of the original first generation CINEFANTAS-geeks, I think any magazine calling itself GEEK MONTHLY is far more likely to attract closet geeks and wannabe geeks, if there are such things, than the genuine article -- who prefer to think of themselves as "obsessives", "eccentrics", or even "fanboys," and would resist on principle any corporate attempt to represent them and their interests.


  • According to Steve Fuller so-called "obsessives" like Newton were ...

    Uncommon Descent

  • Whenever the public sees an opportunity to relax and have fun, health-and-safety obsessives see an opportunity to scare them back into submission.

    Nathalie Rothschild: Halloween and the Scaremongering Health-and-Safety Brigade

  • In a throwback to the day-trading era, the market's stomach-churning gyrations are creating a new class of stock obsessives hanging on every dip and rebound.

    Buy, Sell, Fret: Retail Traders Swing Into Action

  • It's certainly smart politics for Mr. Obama to distance himself from the anti-fossil fuels obsessives, and no doubt his political advisers are hoping it helps this fall in the likes of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    Obama Discovers Natural Gas

  • In a throwback to the era of day trading, the market's gyrations are creating a new class of stock obsessives who hang on every decline and rebound, glued to their iPads and smartphones.

    This Week: Chaos in Markets, Britain; Debt Panel Set

  • Open the doors, and watch the baseball obsessives pour into the lobby in Jeter and Varitek jerseys.

    A Broadway Show That Must Go On


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