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  • n. Plural form of occurrence.


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  • But it could be that the real disaster is that we have not learned the lessons and continue to be extremely vulnerable to these natural occurrences• Studies have shown that similar natural occurrences in developed countries and developing countries have very disparate results, i.e., the poor country suffers several times the mortality rate that the rich country does in comparable natural disasters• The size of the population or its density is not even a factor•

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  • Â Certain occurrences have marred the upstanding history of America.

    Five Crazy Political Ads | myFiveBest

  • Certain occurrences have marred the upstanding history of America.

    Five People Born on April 14 | myFiveBest

  • Using the island as our constant — and taking our best guesses, with the aid of several fan websites and the series 'producers — USA TODAY attempts to put the main occurrences and jumps to-and-fro into temporal context.

    'Lost': When are we?

  • Speculators passively speculate that something will be worth much more in the future based upon short-term occurrences over which they have no control.

    Landlord Myths

  • The number of occurrences is staggering but they continue, with your knowledge, in plain sight for all to see.

    Think Progress » U.S. Image Among Lebanese Plummets 30 Points

  • ˜Nonoverlapping™ means that there are no shared subterm occurrences between two redexes. sc includes because a one-step reduction of a redex may be viewed instead as sc of a singleton set of redexes. sc is, obviously, included in ‰¥ (i.e., in reduction).

    Combinatory Logic

  • Every thing receives its tone from the events of the war; the influence of its occurrences, is not merely exemplified in our public amusements, but it determines our modes of dress; it regulates our domestic habits.

    William Cobbett and the Politics of System

  • Circumstances having caused Miss Jones -- if we may call her so -- to leave Forest Rill, she took up her abode in Richmond, whence a new engagement took her to another part of Virginia, soon after the war began; and thenceforward the narrative, though mainly confined to domestic occurrences, is interspersed with matter of which the struggle between the Federals and Confederates is the subject.


  • These were short-term occurrences that people, in Italy above all, learned to accept without interest.

    On the Runway


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