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  • And as bad as that hurt, the death, the loss of his best friend and draíocht-brúthair, the knowledge that Gage no longer existed in any shape or form hurt worse.

    Black Dust Mambo

  • It's as fac's ocht, it was eneuch to fleg the French.

    My Man Sandy

  • Smith; an 'Bandy nodded his heid an' leuch, an 'says, "Man, Sandy's a perfeck genius as fac's ocht, I hinna heard onything like him."

    My Man Sandy

  • "I mind aboot you haiverin 'awa' some nonsense o 'that kind," says I; an ', as fac's ocht, I cud hardly haud frae lauchin' at the droll look on Sandy's face.

    My Man Sandy

  • The race o 'them never brocht ocht in my generation to puir Scotland worth a bodle, unless it micht be a new fricassee to fyle a stamach wi'.

    Doom Castle

  • They were that terriple wyze, that, as fac's ocht, mind you, they near drave some o 'the rest o's daft.

    My Man Sandy

  • We'll hae to get oor brakfast frae the Toon Cooncil by an 'by, an' it'll a 'go on the rates, that's juist as fac's ocht.

    My Man Sandy

  • Allan was pointing out to Grannie what was British and what was American; she remarked, on comparing the houses on the two banks, 'That gin Canadians wad build houses of wood, they ocht to hae the decency to paint them.'

    The Narrative of Gordon Sellar Who Emigrated to Canada in 1825

  • Some o 'the neeighbors' ll be sayin 'ye're a' that prood, but ah've always stood up for the Gordons, an 'said ye were nae mair prood than ye ocht to be.

    'Lizbeth of the Dale

  • "Noo," said Tam in perplexity, "is 'L Q' meanin 'that A' ocht to rin for ma life or is it 'continue the guid wairk'?"

    Tam o' the Scoots


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