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  • n. Plural form of oculist.


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  • In a famous decision, for instance, the Court upheld a state law forbidding oculists from placing an old lens in a new frame without a new prescription, which seemed unfairly to discriminate in favor of optometrists, who alone could provide a new prescription.

    The Supreme Court Phalanx

  • Just as oculists have multiplied since the invention of journalism, so with the phonography yet to be, the aurists will begin to abound.

    The End of Books

  • To succeed thus in gaining recognition, the original painter, the original writer proceeds on the lines adopted by oculists.

    The Guermantes Way

  • Also, you do not have to be very familiar with this material to know that we constantly find neurologists, oculists, and other specialists who, trying to find the cause of an illness, many times discover it in the mouth.


  • And that, she reflected, was because obviously there came a time when oculists, in spite of their luxurious waiting-rooms, the up-to-date instruments, the bright lights they flashed into your eyes, and the very high fees they charged, couldn't do anything much more for you.

    A Mirror Cracked From Side To Side

  • My brother, who is a good fellow, only that he does not sufficiently consider my weakness, employed physicians and oculists out of number; and among them I lost the sight of one eye.

    A Tramp's Wallet stored by an English goldsmith during his wanderings in Germany and France

  • It would be difficult to obtain proper rooms for medical and dental treatment and meals, and perhaps still more difficult to insure proper food, skilled oculists, dentists, surgeons, and physicians.

    Civics and Health

  • Laymen and physicians must be taught that it is just as unethical and unprofessional for oculists and physicians to fail to bring their knowledge within the practical reach of the masses as for the optician to advertise his wares.

    Civics and Health

  • Because physicians, dentists, oculists, hospitals, dispensaries, relief agencies, had seemingly been unconscious of this serious state of affairs, they had no definite, constructive remedy to propose.

    Civics and Health

  • To prevent this self-deception skilled oculists do not trust the eye card, but put a drug in the eye that benumbs the muscles of accommodation.

    Civics and Health


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