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  • adj. Existing or occurring outside the frame of a movie or television screen: could hear sounds of offscreen mayhem.
  • adj. Existing or occurring out of public view or knowledge; private.

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  • adj. Existing or happening outside the frame of the cinema or television screen
  • adv. Outside the frame of the cinema or television screen


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  • This was okay for "The Yellow Sign" though it did accentuate its grain, but in the case of the Italian film, it cropped the English subtitles offscreen, requiring me to watch it in "wide zoom" mode, stretching the image horizontally -- distortive but acceptable, considering how short it is.


  • (Most of the violence is "offscreen" but the sadness of some of the war issues and the larger questions raised do make this a book I'd recommend for children of at least 11 and up.)

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • The woman looked past the camera, glaring defiantly at some offscreen presence, as if to say, Are you satisfied?

    Gideon’s war

  • Cherry pointed to something offscreen, and Fancy followed her finger and came to rest on the brass object in her own hand.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • The other offscreen romance behind the enduring appeal of "The Clock" was Minnelli's long-distance love affair with New York.

    Somewhere, Over the City

  • Alan Thorndike (Walter Pidgeon) tries to assassinate "strutting little Caesar" Adolf Hitler, and is tortured (the violence, typically for Mr. Lang, taking place offscreen).

    Fritz Lang's Western Union

  • But Peter's actual mother is killed offscreen before our story begins, as so many moms are.

    Odin's Day

  • Partying, partying yeah offscreen for most of the video, but you can catch her at the end.

    VIDEO: Dancing's Mark Ballas, Chelsea Kane and Pia Toscano Gettin' Down on "Friday" Cover

  • I almost want to comically mess up dinner, only to have Callie swoop in and fix everything, laughing at my bumbling, loving incompetence, the kids somewhere offscreen rolling their eyes.

    Why We Were Arrested

  • Either way, Ruffalo's life right now seems to be more about his work offscreen than his work on it - though he is gearing up for his role as the new Incredible Hulk in "The Avengers."

    For Mark Ruffalo, it's easy being green


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