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  • n. Plural form of offworlder.
  • n. Alternative spelling of off-worlders.


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  • I hate ta THINK about what kind o' crap the offworlders get.

    Down on the Pharm

  • “The problem with you offworlders is that you are weakened by your pain,” said Sybok.

    Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Shattered Light

  • “They want their world rid of the invading offworlders.”

    Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Shattered Light

  • The Winters enjoy the technological benefits of the offworlders who visit during their time in power, but the Summers are a more spiritual people who do not share the Winters' interest in technology and are considered to be a rather primitive people by the Winters.

    Reviews of fantasy and science fiction books

  • Nonetheless, with the help of Bayaar and others of the clan, the four offworlders managed to render themselves reasonably presentable.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • As the designated official contact between the offworlders and the clan, Bayaar rode alongside the visitors.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • He could not read their alien expressions, but those of their guides did not lead him to believe that the offworlders possessed some special magic that was going to enable them to fulfill the council's demand.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • With the visitors having started their case most admirable for an urgent meeting with not just one but both Councils of Elders, the Borokii senior invited the four offworlders back to the meetinghouse.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • "There was nothing for the offworlders to do but retire to the visitors" house.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • Anything the offworlders do to them will hurt the offworlders far more than it hurts the Fremen.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Radical Islamism and Frank Herbert’s Dune:


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