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  • In the passage-way into the yellow-brick apartment-house, he finally saw a very short woman, with hips as broad as her shoulders, who was obviously the concierge, a m├ętro employee holding in his hand the tin box containing his dinner, and another woman, an old one this time, her white hair in curling-pins, dressed in a sky-blue woollen dressing-gown and a shawl of a violent purple colour.

    Maigret has Scruples

  • Addlepate has got a new collar because he got the old one off and ate it, or tried to, anyhow he did it in.

    Mystery Mile

  • On his death, after residing in various places in England, Ireland, and on the Continent, she settled at the new house of Gask (the old one having been pulled down in 1801).

    A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature

  • At a hatmaker's, he bought a black slouch hat with a grey ribbon band; then, back out on the street, he took off his greasy old one and skimmed it away to land among the bean rows of somebody's garden.

    Cold Mountain

  • So going home, and my coach stopping in Newgate Market over against a poulterer's shop, I took occasion to buy a rabbit, but it proved a deadly old one when I came to eat it, as I did do after an hour being at my office, and after supper again there till past 11 at night.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Aug/Sep 1664

  • Mick must've covered me with this quilt, an old one made by my sister Patsy in her artsy-craftsy phase.

    Till the Butchers Cut Him Down

  • Assuming, with Sam's assistance, a blue moustache and "side-burns," he helped in the painting of a new poster, which, supplanting the old one on the wall of the stable facing the cross-street, screamed bloody murder at the passers in that rather populous thoroughfare.


  • And since most of the phones are engineered to break after a couple years, it seems ridiculous to turn down their offer for a sparkly new model with all the latest bells and whistles and risk having the old one break midcontract, when replacement phones are much pricier.


  • LuEllen had picked up St. Thomas's new gun, left the old one beside him, turned out the lights, and locked the animal control building.

    The Empress File

  • After Ayla made herself a new sling out of Zoug's scraps to replace the old one that had finally worn out, she decided to look for a place to practice away from the cave.

    The Clan of the Cave Bear


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