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  • In petrography, in the quantitative system of classification of igneous rocks (see rock), having the properties of or containing normative olivin and akermanite.


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  • Christine O'Donnell's latest statements on Hannity this week run directly counter to what she promised to do for Cath olic Families for America, in exchange for their endorsement in June.

    Chris Kelly: Christine O'Donnell Denies Jesus/Satan on Hannity

  • The mystery is a series of payments his father has been making to what appears to be a Cath-olic charity, though one that George has never heard of: the Order of Holy Mary, Queen of Virgins.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Vitri - olic invective had almost turned to physical violence.

    Second Skin

  • In Christian mysticism — both in the medieval Cath - olic form and in later Protestant forms — the same type of quest characterizes the striving of the soul for unity with God, and successful culmination is found in the experience itself, achieved only intermittently in life but remaining as a promise of blessedness in the here - after.


  • Significantly, however, what Saint Paul had been preaching seems to differ from the later, official Cath - olic doctrine.


  • And yet the Protestant churches of the Reformation developed precisely in the same direction as the Cath - olic Church which they attacked.


  • The competition of analogous Protestant and Cath - olic doctrines of authoritative power marked the outer limit of creative religious authority.


  • Bayle, a Protestant, who became a Cath - olic and then reverted to Protestantism, fled to Rotter - dam where he wrote against all sorts of religious and philosophical theories.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • In the Swiss Reformation the city-state made its last contribution to history; for it communi - cated to a nascent church something of the pattern of its own organization (and particularly government by councils) as well as something of its spirit, so that the secular and the spiritual seemed to have kinship with one another, just as the development of the Cath - olic hierarchy had fitted neatly into the feudal world.


  • Arjen Robben phenomenal goal against Florentina Bayern Munich 2010 Uefa CL bayern robben ribery lahm olic gomez müller kahn effenberg elber ballack beckham ronaldo toni villa torres - Articles related to McClaren and Houllier in the frame to resurrect slumping Hamburg


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