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  • n. A branch of the olive-tree, the emblem of peace and plenty (in allusion to the “olive leaf pluckt off” brought by the dove sent out by Noah).
  • n. Hence, in allusion to the last quotation plural Children.


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  • Obama's olive-branch strategy may make America safer over the long term.

    Moderate to the Extreme

  • Perhaps most interesting is his description of the maltreatment of returning Vietnam War veterans as "one of the saddest episodes in our history" -- an olive-branch to the right that's in keeping with his larger claim that he's a conciliator and bridge-builder.

    Obama Hits McCain For Failing To Support Webb's GI Bill

  • O Telamon, King of Salamis, the feeding ground of bees, who hast thy home in a sea-girt isle that lieth nigh the holy hills where first Athena made the grey olive-branch to appear, a crown for heavenly heads and a glory unto happy Athens, thou didst come in knightly brotherhood with that great archer, Alcemena's son, to sack our city

    The Trojan Women

  • Then when he falls asleep, o'ermastered by the Bacchic god, I will put a point with this sword of mine to an olive-branch I saw lying in the cave, and will set it on fire; and when I see it well alight, I will lift the heated brand, and, thrusting it full in the Cyclops 'eye, melt out his sight with its blaze; and, as when a man in fitting the timbers of

    The Cyclops

  • Archer's olive-branch politics are a dramatic break from Detroit's recent past.

    New Deal In Detroit

  • The lines still stood at the ready, and it was plain to be seen that this would be no everyday affair, when the pilot, with difficulty, prevailed upon Tryphaena to undertake the office of herald, and propose a truce; so, when pledges of good faith had been given and received, in keeping with the ancient precedent she snatched an olive-branch from the ship's figurehead and, holding it out, advanced boldly to parley.


  • JERONYMO. my dearest Lady Clementina! let your sister Plarriet prevail upon you not to refuse the offered olive-branch!

    Sir Charles Grandison

  • But this shall not have the least weight with me, if you be pleased to hold out the olive-branch to me in the four requested words.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • Also inside was a small gold olive-branch pin, symbolic of the peaceful nature of the American Moon landing program.

    First Man

  • Three gold olive-branch pins, exact replicas of the gold olive branch in the packet that Aldrin tossed down at the last minute to the lunar surface during the EVA.

    First Man


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