from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. on that part of the horizon within 45° on either side of the line ahead.


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  • Oryoko Maru: By squirming around, I could read the name of the ship, Oryoku Maru, on the bow painted over with gray as was the whole ship.

    Blood Brothers

  • On the end of the pike-pole with which they had been striking him was a hook, which caught in his clothing, and they hauled him up on the bow of the boat.

    The American Fugitive in Europe. Sketches of Places and People Abroad. By Wm. Wells Brown. With a Memoir of the Author.

  • He drifted back to the immediate present for a moment and noted that the river still ran wide open, and that a moose-bird, perched on the bow of the boat, was surveying him impudently.

    Chapter VIII

  • As the Mississippi Poodle approached New France, smelling sweeter by far than any ship ever had after a transatlantic crossing, its crew whistling as it worked, its mates hiding behind some barrels in tender embrace, Alobar on the bow facing the future with a silly grin, Pan was curled in pukey delirium close to dying.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • Ardiles nodded to the Bosun who made space for Sharpe and Harper on the bow thwarts.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • I followed, pausing for a moment on the bow to squint through my salt-smeared spectacles at the dark shore.

    O Jerusalem

  • Hugh asked, staring at the screen, where a steel-blue ship with a bright gold stripe down its long axis and some kind of curly gold lettering on the bow was easing toward its docking space.

    Command Decision

  • Potemkin’s headquarters were situated on a bluff overlooking the Turkish fleet, and it somehow irked the Prince to see a large cannon on the bow of a large Turkish galley anchored near the shore.

    John Paul Jones

  • We were standing on the bow of Radovic’s boat, a fifteen-year-old Chris Craft labeled Sweet Vengeance in chipped gilt script, its fiberglass dull and scarred, its sloping deck caked with fish scales, grime, and black algae and badly in need of repair.

    Over the Edge


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