on the order of love

on the order of


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  • Dissociation constant on the order of nanomolar Griffiths, A.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • Their names, I think, were all on the order of Chang and Eng. Doesn't matter.

    New Race

  • Whereas Wiggs, on his good days, had a smile that snipped the tense prison air like musical scissors, Barr's smile was on the order of those stone-cut enigmas that, wired to a heroic nerve, grace the faces of classical statues.

    La insistencia de J├╝rgen Fauth

  • Supper was served in the dining-room from a table decorated in keeping with the event, the center-piece being a model in sugar of the tandem design on the order of dancing.

    The Romance and Tragedy

  • Dissociation constants on the order of micromolar seem to be required to detect interactions in yeast two-hybrid assays Golemis, E.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • The story's conclusion is open-ended yet hopeful, and certainly a sequel would be welcomed, if only to offer more vistas on the order of this volume's space-elevator that is also Yggdrasil the World Tree.

    New Race

  • He also left a notice, forbidding all persons to take or destroy any property in my possession; and then impudently inquired how I expected to gain my freedom; if I thought of applying for a writ of habaeus corpus; and many other questions; to which I replied that I should pay no money on the order of Capt.

    Twenty-Two Years a Slave, and Forty Years a Freeman

  • On February 22 the Empress of China, a sleek, copper-bottomed vessel built in Boston on the order of Daniel Parker, weighed anchor, eased down the Narrows, sounded a thirteen-gun salute to the battery at the southern tip of Manhattan, and set sail for Canton.

    Robert Morris

  • Nothing on the order of the grand structures at M&C or Villa dEste, but the place had a quiet, well-organized, un-crowded feel that could be termed American.

    The Italian Summer

  • The dissociation constant is on the order of micromolar Nissim, A., Hoogenboom, H.

    The Edge of Evolution


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