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  • Their method resembles archaeology, only instead of piecing together, say, a broken ceramic cooking vessel to decipher how it was made and used by a prehistoric people, linguists piece together the broken parts of the early language to draw up, through its visible and audible remains, a blueprint of its once-living form.

    The English Is Coming!

  • On Earth, about 90 percent of methane is a by-product of biological processes released by living, or once-living, things ranging from bacteria to rotting trees to flatulent cows.

    First Contact

  • In other words, the methane could be the result of living or once-living extraterrestrial life.

    First Contact

  • Astrobiology may well find signs of living or once-living extraterrestrial organisms in the not-too-distant future, and that would be a discovery of Copernican proportions.

    First Contact

  • Without the ever-increasing detection power of infrared spectroscopy, Mumma could never have identified those seasonal releases of methane on Mars, nor would he have had the tools needed to determine whether the methane comes, at least in part, from some living, or once-living, creatures.

    First Contact

  • Instead, it merely regards the misfortune of once-living carcasses as an opportunity.

    Mike Papantonio: Limbaugh the Hyena (With Video)

  • Wreathes of cables the myelin sheath of a once-living machine.

    Hoops « A Fly in Amber

  • He claimed it was an entirely real, intact and once-living organism that had washed up on the beach at Coney Island, where he lives.

    The Taxidermist's Companion

  • Under attack by shadows of their own former loved ones, who had become something even more hideous than that which the once-living denizens of the Undercity now were.


  • But even as I write that question I realize that the question that's more interesting is the one that reminds me that medieval manuscripts themselves, and the writing which inhabits their (once-living animal skin) pages are both forms of technology, if in many cases less "shiny" than my computer screen.

    Digital Scriptorium, or, Becoming (a) Medievalist


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