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  • n. a charge of ammunition for a single shot


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  • One French soldier, of the Chasseurs d'Afrique, wounded slightly in the temple, but whose face was crimson with blood, which had dripped from his head to his shoulder, and splashed over his white horse's quarters, was regardless of the pain, but rode to find a medical officer for two of his "camarades," one shot through the arm, the other through the thigh.

    Journal Kept During The Russian War: From The Departure Of The Army From England In April 1854, To The Fall Of Sebastopol

  • I once killed four of the latter with one shot from my punt gun (one of Holland & Holland's).

    Sketches From My Life

  • The coin's a one shot — person to person — and should be handled that way.

    Noble House

  • If Kevin had used a sawed-off shotgun and fired more than one shot at close range, Willa’s face — her very features — would have been completely blown off.

    Courting Trouble

  • J.B. blew its head off with one shot and when next he sat down to write, damned if the wrens didn't bowl in, perching on his table, even hopping on to his sleeve, doing everything but shake his hand.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • Still, LaGuerta got off one shot and Brian stumbled slightly as he slid the blade into LaGuerta's midsection.

    Darkly Dreaming Dexter

  • "Knowing he would probably get only one shot at the elusive and difficult-to-get Jedi, the Vrot took careful aim.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • Suggesting to Colonel Brabble, the senior officer, to face to the left and clear the gap, I scrambled to the top and got one shot at the advancing foe with a musket taken from a sick boy at the start, with whom my horse was left.

    Recollections and reflections : an auto of half a century and more,

  • Cochrane ordered one shot fired from Fort Chorocomayo, and within seconds of the roundshot thumping harmlessly into the fort's earthen glacis, the gates were dragged open, the flag was hurried down, and an artillery Major rode out under a flag of truce.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • I opened its breech and found one shot had been fired.



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