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  • Quantised conductance has also been studied in one-dimensional channels and point contacts, artificial atoms and molecules based on "quantum dots" with a limited number of free conduction electrons enclosed in very small spaces, one-electron components, etc. The Heterotransistor

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  • The punch line is that you can isolate "pure" one-electron states in the Minkowski space.

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  • The statement is that one-particle (one-electron) states that are contained within the same superselection sector of the Hilbert space can't form a representation under the Lorentz group, just because of the existence of soft photons that are produced in most realistic processes.

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  • In the quantum energy states of a one-electron atom, the electron does not move in an orbit, but is described by a wave function, which, when squared, produces a probability cloud about the nucleus which does not change in time.


  • The stoichiometry is not clear, but may involve a two-electron and a one-electron oxidation step;

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  • Laccase catalyses the oxidation of phenols, polyphenols and anilines by one-electron abstraction, with the concomitant reduction of oxygen to water in a four-electron transfer process.

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  • Dorn discovered that the extra electron, instead of being on the nitrogen atom on the fullerene cage surface, ducks inside between the yttrium ions, forming a one-electron bond.

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