one-trillionth love


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  • n. one part in a trillion equal parts


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  • By the time it had ended in November 1923, the mark was worth only one-trillionth of what it had been worth back in 1914.

    The Weimar Hyperinflation: Time to get out the wheelbarrows?

  • The LCROSS impact will excavate a crater approximately 20 meters in diameter, or about one-trillionth the total permanently shadowed area.

    No, NASA Is Not Bombing the Moon | Universe Today

  • That option would trump electronic alternatives for performance -- the light (and data) would pass through the switch in as little as one-trillionth of a second, according to Sargent.

    Internet Heading to Light Speed

  • A picocurie is one-trillionth of a curie, a measurement of a radiological dose. -- Top News

  • When the medieval doctrine of the valor impositus was in this century revived by the much-admired German Professor G.F. Knapp, it prepared the way for a policy that in 1923 carried the German mark down to one-trillionth of its former value!

    Mises Institute Daily Articles (Full-text version)

  • Since graphene is so light, the wrapping and unwrapping would occur on a time scale of one-trillionth of a second. - latest science and technology news stories

  • "We concluded that a serum VEGF-D level of greater than 800 pg/mL (picograms, or one-trillionth of a gram, per milliliter) in women with typical cystic changes on a high-resolution computed tomography (CT) scan is diagnostically specific for sporadic LAM and identifies LAM in women with TSC," Young says. - latest science and technology news stories

  • It is capable of generating optical pulses in the ultrafast duration of 3 picoseconds (1 picosecond = one-trillionth of a second), with ultrahigh output peak power of 100 watts and repetition frequency of 1 gigahertz.

  • "We propose a small-denomination GDP share paying a coupon each year of one-trillionth of that year's GDP, or about $14.60 at current levels," they write.

    NYT > Home Page

  • In cosmology, six years is equivalent to about one-trillionth of the time it takes to blink an eye.

    Purchasing - Top Stories


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