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onshore offshoring


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  • Offshoring is a well-known term for moving a business activity to another country in order to take advantage of lower costs or tax breaks - a controversial example is the way that many companies'

    telephone call centres have been transferred to the Indian sub-continent. "Onshore offshoring" is almost a reverse process, in which skilled but comparatively low-paid workers are brought from overseas to work in the business's country of operations. The term

    has only recently started to appear, at first in the USA, but it - and the activity - has come to public notice in the UK through the discovery by the Association of Technology Staffing Companies

    (ATSCo) that 21,000 foreign IT workers, mostly from India, have been given work permits in the past year alone. This rather clunky term has had to be created because jargoneers have already used up "onshoring" for a related technique that has also been called


    Michael Quinion newsletter.

    December 30, 2008