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  • interj. Diminutive form of oops; Alternative spelling of oopsy.


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From oops +‎ -ie


  • To suggest that somehow they simply made an oopsie is an insult to everyone who has ever put their lives on the line for our country.


  • My hunch is that the "oopsie" refiling attention will help promote signature gathering when the time comes. blog comments powered by Disqus publicola nerds

    Breaking News: I-1077 Will File Alternative Initiative Today to Address Domestic Partners Issue « PubliCola

  • The whole concept behind TORT reform is: "If you kill someone, no big deal ... it's an 'oopsie', Doctors should not have to do their jobs".

    Curbing medical lawsuits: What Obama really means

  • Brooks Jackson, the reporter responsible for this particular "oopsie," now heads FactCheck. org.

    Larry Womack: The Politics of Personal Animosity

  • I'm so tired of these manufactured "oopsie" moments that people are using to try and impugn this administration's authority.

    "Who painted it?" asked Hillary Clinton, unaware that "the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted by Mary."

  • Oh yeah, and did I mention that this girl's older brother is 15 years older because her mom had a teenage "oopsie" herself?

    Kids These Days

  • IF--a big IF--if in fact Edwards is the father and somehow got the other guy to say he's the father, and got the woman to say the other guy's the father--that would bother the living hell out of me, much more than any affair or "oopsie" pregancy ever could.

    The absence of...

  • That's a wobbly number, and maybe local conditions just swung up to much worse, or maybe there was an 'oopsie' in the engineering somewhere, but say it was really a sound structure and conditions really weren't worse than that.

    Mother Of Storms

  • My public school taught a simple way to have fun without values or emotional ties, just enjoying physical pleasure (although the pleasure can be found with the values and emotional ties too), and as a bonus we get one in six with this "oopsie".

    Latest Articles

  • Microsoft posts Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK by mistake: The "oopsie" entry this week comes from Microsoft, which inadvertently posted the WIndows Mobile 6.5 software developers kit online.



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