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  • noun The state or condition of being opinionated.


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opinionated +‎ -ness


  • Im sorry to sound rude, but why are nearly all of the anti-AGW posts in this catalogue of idiocy so proud of their combination of opinionatedness and an almost total inability to even try to apply either reason or gain any scientific knowledge whatsoever?

    Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...

  • Jeez, my bout of opinionatedness is lasting longer than I thought!

    Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

  • She's up against a mayor, the mayor of the City of New York, Rudy Giuliani, who's, he's very, he's well known for his bluntness, his opinionatedness and even when New Yorkers don't agree with him, they often respect the fact that he's out there saying exactly what he thinks.

    CNN Transcript - Sunday Morning News: What Do New Yorkers Think of Hillary Clinton? - February 6, 2000

  • Thoreau keeps his reader at arm's length, invites and repels at the same time, piques one by his spiciness, and exasperates by his opinionatedness.

    Our Friend John Burroughs

  • But to-night she seemed to take a freakish pleasure in letting him see that there was much of the old Ann still left in her: the frank conceit of her; the amazing self-opinionatedness of her; the waywardness, the wilfulness, the unreasonableness of her; the general uppishness and dictatorialness of her; the contradictoriness and flat impertinence of her; the swift temper and exasperating tongue of her.

    The Fawn Gloves

  • But there are spiritual sins, not prompted by any lust or weakness of the body, as pride and mutiny, self-opinionatedness, rejection of Divine revelation.

    Moral Philosophy

  • The Obama administration is not without its own sad combination of inexperience and opinionatedness, resulting in some of its quarters taking Pakistani protestations at face value.

    The Acorn

  • After having in this way fulfilled the duties of politeness, we can speak our opinions to our listeners when we find an opportunity without a sign of pre - sumption or opinionatedness.

    Reflections; or Sentences and Moral Maxims

  • Such humor or whimsy tends, in Johnson's work at any rate, to be of a fairly cynical turn -- in keeping both with his general opinionatedness and with his specific feelings of demoralization while compiling the dictionary in the run-up to its publication in

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XIX No 2


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