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  • n. Plural form of opportunist.


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  • As in the United States, the medical establishment in Guadalajara and its opportunists from the metropolitan zone who come to Lake Chapala to prey on the frail Lakeside old folks are out to make a peso but that´s human nature is it not?

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  • At that time those states still lived under the threat of military intervention by the Union Army, and with Confederate combatants not yet allowed to vote, their politics were dominated by anti-racist Republicans and by the hated “carpetbagger” opportunists from the North.

    What Obama’s Grandma Thought Of His “Throw Grandma Under The Bus” Speech

  • Second, he blames a group he calls the opportunists, which he describes as containing many of the people working in the Coalition Provisional Authority who were there not to see Iraq restored, but simply "to get a good line on their resumes and to get a job in the new administration."

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  • And if they are seen as short-term opportunists operating on the basis of ' News

  • Heck, much of the market is driven with irrational decisions and short-term opportunists more than anything.


  • I've used the words 'entrepreneurs' and 'opportunists' - and 'disingenuous' is another - to describe Canstar Blue's research. | Top Stories

  • The opportunists are the ones who would rather see enormous job losses continue rather than actually do something about them.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • Anyone who doubts this, should simply recall opportunists such as Glenn Beck who is trying manipulating those fears by claiming Obama has a secret agenda to make 'Reparations' for slavery ... and calling Obama a Racist.

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  • However, the maquiladora has said many times that we are problem people and opportunists, which is not true.

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  • Our nation needs to find ways to bring decent people back into the fold and not to run to the opportunists which is exactly what the bnp are.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...


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