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  • n. A person who holds an option to buy or sell a financial instrument. See option.


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  • Financial industry argot for transaction under which one may become obligated to deliver upon demand property not in current possession and/or ownership of optionee.

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  • I believe that about twenty-five years ago, the optionee of the SW corner of 95th and Broadway in NYC now the location of, among other things, the Leonard Nimoy Theater lost its rights because the option violated the RAP and was therefore unenforceable.

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  • When I have done an option, as optionee or optionor, the sale terms and conditions are included.

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  • Usually the seller will need to notify that optionee with the terms and conditions offered by an outside buyer and they will have a period of time to notify the seller if they intend to purchase at or above that price.

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  • After the period for them to notify them of their intent, the optionee usually will lose that right and the seller will be free to sell under the agreement.

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  • Upon acceptance by Freewest, the options will be immediately cancelled and an optionee will have no further rights with respect to such options, other than the right to be paid for them.

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  • The options expire at the earliest of: (1) seven years after the grant date, (2) three years after death or any other event of termination of employment, (3) after any unvested optioned shares held by the optionee are cancelled for any reason, and (4) in the case of early retirement, after a determination that the optionee has competed with the Company or violated any non-competition, non-solicitation or non-disclosure obligations.

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  • GAAP because the exercise price of the stock options is denominated in a currency other than the Company's functional currency or the currency in which the optionee is normally compensated.

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  • Tax Treatment Incentive stock options   No tax deduction for the Company at grant or exercise  Capital gains treatment to optionee upon sale of stock  Potential AMT liability to optionee at time of exercise  In the event of a disqualifying event, see Nonqualified stock options.

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  • Tax Treatment (cont.) Nonqualified stock options Tax deduction at exercise in amount equal to "spread"   Ordinary income to optionee in amount of spread at exercise  Potential ordinary income at grant if negligible exercise price Employee Equity Incentives July 9 and

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