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  • Relating to the power of option; elective.
  • In Rom, law, selected by option or through a power of option.


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  • This is an example of what Nye calls "soft" or "co-optive" power: the ability of one nation to induce others to define their interests in ways consistent with its own.

    Don't Worry, America

  • If this does not occur, the process will stand accused - rightly - of being co-optive, short-circuited and less than sincere.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • This would contrast with the "ANC system of government where the opposition participation in the Government of National Unity was hijacked and transformed from co-operative to co-optive government".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • At a media event to launch the brand, Virgin said its business division would benefit from Virgin's investment in high speed fibre optive network, while the brand would benefit from a


  • Christian Goodman is a popular health researcher and the author of several innovative natural health optive means.


  • Many people, even during the Progressive Era, did however challenge the growing power of foundations to define the parameters of legitimate discussion, but the foundation worlds success in fending off such attacks has meant that today far fewer people are aware of the co-optive nature of liberal philanthropy.

    Dissident Voice

  • but if he doesn't do that, or does it an a co-optive fashion, we have to do it.

    OpEdNews - Diary: OpEdNews Post-Election; Suggestions and Call for New Ideas


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