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  • King Ethelwald spoke the language of his race, when he planted himself at Wimborne, and said, ` he would do one of two things, or there live, or there lie. '

    English Traits (1856)

  • Either there was nothing in this Idea, in which case his caravels would be employed to no purpose, or there was so much in it that it was an undertaking, not merely for the Count of Medina Celi, but for the Crown of Castile.

    Christopher Columbus

  • Claire juggled numbers as adeptly as Sarah McClure, so surely she could trim expenses here or there until she came up with enough to cover the costs if she wanted to.

    The Aloha Quilt

  • Maybe if PNGS was acting up or there were questions, they would certainly have been able to do more analysis of the problem down there than we could.

    First Man

  • Choosing one 500-calorie dessert or burger with all the fixings is a very different decision than mindlessly adding 100 calories here or there with mayonnaise, soft drinks, and whole-milk lattes.

    The Flex Diet

  • Either I should find some means to finish his uncompleted task or there would be a vacancy for a senior captain in the Hussars of Conflans.

    The Adventures of Gerard

  • But Luebbering said some of those maneuvers won't work, either because they are not legally allowed or there is not enough available money in the earmarked accounts.

    Columbia Missourian: Latest Articles

  • In Siam and in Ceram, in parts of Africa and South America, among the Indians of Canada and some of our own -- the Tonkawas, the Cheyennes and allied tribes, the Arrapahoes, and the Cattaraugus, there is no class corresponding to our midwives, and the patient has no help whatsoever; but usually relatives and friends aid each other, or there is some assistance rendered by the habitual old woman.

    Labor Among Primitive Peoples

  • As you grow older, I think the emotional dependency of that kind of Best Friendship has to ebb away or there would never be any space to form the sort of emotional attachment you need to have with your life partner.

    Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume

  • When things have an accompanying charm, either the best thing in them is this very charm, or there is some rightness or utility possessed by them; — for example, I should say that eating and drinking, and the use of food in general, have an accompanying charm which we call pleasure; but that this rightness and utility is just the healthfulness of the things served up to us, which is their true rightness.



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