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  • n. Plural form of orbital.


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  • When these are all in roughly the same plane, the orbitals from the double-bonds can mix together.

    Science Question from a Toddler: Why is poop brown? Boing Boing

  • Substances are made of atoms, of course, and because of the laws of quantum mechanics the electrons in atoms have very specific energy levels -- what a chemist calls "orbitals", from the old idea that that's where the electrons "orbit."

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • The more there are, the closer in energy the resulting molecular orbitals are.

    Science Question from a Toddler: Why is poop brown? Boing Boing

  • Different parts of the molecule can attract or repel the orbitals, and sometimes symmetry makes energy levels line up.

    Science Question from a Toddler: Why is poop brown? Boing Boing

  • The nature of a chemical bond is determined by the particular combination of electron orbitals, which are described by solutions to the Schroedinger equation.

    Attached to Strings

  • Atoms come together to form compounds; the geometry is determined by the orientations of the chemical bonds, which are mergers of electron orbitals.

    David Anderson on Creation and Evolution

  • Because it doesn't look like an atom at all! srsly, if you're working with particle physics at the level they * claim* to be, I want to see some freaking sigma orbitals!

    Iron Guy

  • It has one or more electrons occupying space around it in orbitals, but the electrons don't have specific locations, they have wavefunction densities.

    Making Light: The tastemakers of tomorrow

  • But if you don't know how a Designer can move electrons into specific molecular orbitals, then you have to consider that this "evident design" may be nothing more than the demonstrated human tendency to find teleology even where it doesn't exist.

    A Sociological Phenomenon

  • OOL research starts with the observation that electron orbitals arrange themselves in such a way that their mutual repulsion minimizes potential energy.

    A Sociological Phenomenon


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