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  • n. The state or condition of being oriented; an orientation.


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  • The biggest problem with object-orientedness is not in the paradigm itself, but in the way languages are implemented and how environments are constructed to support those languages.

    Reflective Surface - More on the evolution of programming languages

  • It was that we had lost track of our basic optimistic philosophy, and were running scared, shunning openness, innovation, risk-taking, extroversion, and future-orientedness in every dimension of life.

    Anis Shivani: Obama the Visionless: Flogging the Four Horsemen of the Bureaucracy

  • So a group is constituted by the states of intentionality and belief of its members, and the concrete processes of communication and mobilization through which a degree of group-orientedness and coherence emerges within the states of mind of the participants.

    Acting as a group

  • And just for the record, I too see great value and nobility in the aspiration to be an outstanding parent, so the family-orientedness of Mormonism is something I admire.

    Did You Not Read the First Three Books?

  • In particular he adopted their atomism, law-orientedness and inductivism, and the interest in history of the former.

    The Unity of Science

  • This is my thinking now, and it implies a certain kind of freedom gained through the autonomy of ideal art and an education in the humanities (not through the high whoredom of what is typically called fine art) and also implies a certain view of efficacy that is gained through the goal-orientedness of business but not uncritically subservient to its particular goals.

    Graphic Design Is Not Art

  • However, further in his article, Graham slams object-orientedness, and writes:

    Reflective Surface - More on the evolution of programming languages

  • It was a great relief when I realized that using the axiomatic approach would give me a legitimate excuse for not cluttering up the core of Arc with object-orientedness.

    Some Work on Arc

  • But although some object-oriented software is reusable, what makes it reusable is its bottom-upness, not its object-orientedness.

    The Hundred-Year Language

  • If anyone grumbles that Arc doesn't have enough object-orientedness in it, I can plead the stern demands of axiomatization.

    Some Work on Arc


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