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  • n. decoration; ornamentation

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Decoration; ornamentation.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of ornamenting; ornamentation; adornment; the process of rendering more polished or bringing to perfection; refinement.
  • n. That which is added or used for embellishment; ornament; decoration.


Latin ornatura. (Wiktionary)


  • Ross House, in our neighbourhood, is nearly finished, and is thought to excel Duff House in ornature.


  • Short of space aliens landing and taking control and giving us the knowledge to reverse the damage we've done - we're doomed and not Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, the Bilderberg's, TriLateral Commission, or any other force of man ornature is going to change the physicalreality of what's coming.

    Obama and Progressive Change

  • The lining of boards to the room had been covered, in the general ornature, with a gorgeous coloured paper; but no precaution had been taken to provide for the wood's shrinking, and the consequence was that the paper had split with the timber's contraction, and left a gap between each board it covered.

    Fern Vale (Volume 1) or the Queensland Squatter

  • Their ornature and decking with woorkes, and deuises imitating the apparreling of princely bodies indewed as it were with an artificiall reason.

    Hypnerotomachia The Strife of Loue in a Dreame

  • Boats, boats, boats -- hundreds of them in motion, hundreds lining the shore, the water faithfully repeating every detail of ornature, and apparently a-quiver with pleasure.

    The Prince of India — Volume 01

  • The elders are skillful in surgery and the distillation of waters, and sundry other artificial practices pertaining to the ornature and commendation of their bodies; and when they are at home they go into the kitchen and supply a number of delicate dishes of their own devising, mostly after Portuguese receipts; and they prepare bills of fare (a trick lately taken up) to give a brief rehearsal of all the dishes of every course.

    For Whom Shakespeare Wrote

  • Beyond doubt, however, the Cherubim are meant as the scenic ornature borrowed from the Temple.

    The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • -- Ross House, in our neighbourhood, is nearly finished, and is thought to excel Duff House in ornature.


  • Sarum, John Fox, and sundrie learned and excellent writers, have fully accomplished the ornature of the same, to their great praise and immortal commendation.”

    The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon

  • "skilful in surgery and distillation of waters, beside sundry artificial practices pertaining to the ornature and commendations of their bodies."

    Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth


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