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from The Century Dictionary.

  • As regards ornithology; from an ornithological point of view; by means of ornithology.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adverb In terms of ornithology.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

ornithological +‎ -ly


  • Add to this a cosy couples cinema, midnight feast, assault course, ornithologically-inspired dating agency, lovey-dovey lectures, personalised love songs from Dusty Limits and DJ Pierre soundtracking the piñata-bashing in the ballroom and you've got an action packed evening indeed.

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  • The grasslands are less important ornithologically.

    South Malawi montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • The ecoregion is virtually unstudied ornithologically.

    Huon Peninsula montane rain forests

  • Many of the mountains of Borneo are ornithologically unexplored and poorly known, so the habitat needs and distributions of many species are incomplete.

    Borneo montane rain forests

  • It's part of my DNA to root for that uniform, although with each passing year into the abyss that Peter Angelos has dug, I am more partial to the cartoon bird worn by Eddie, Cal, and Brooks than to the ornithologically correct bird of 10 losing seasons and mismanaged rosters.

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  • Also useful are sneakers for biking and binoculars for the ornithologically inclined--or in case you decide to go on a whale watch.

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  • Young Howard Pilkins, the millionaire, got his money ornithologically.

    Roads of Destiny

  • And if he be blest with an ornithologically educated ear, he may still further confirm his faith by standing on Beacon Hill in the evening -- as I myself have often done -- and listening to the _chips_ of warblers, or the _tseeps_ of sparrows, as these little wanderers, hour after hour, pass through the darkness over the city.

    Birds in the Bush

  • For though we have no disreputable cuckoo, ornithologically speaking, let us not congratulate ourselves too hastily.

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  • More than 200 photographs highlight the explanations of the essentials: what color is, ornithologically speaking; how it is produced and measured; how birds use color to attract mates and deter competitors; how birds perceive color; and how coloration varies across species by sex, season, and age.

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