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  • n. Plural form of ornithopod.


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  • ALL dinosaurs (sauropodomorphs included) fall well within the "epidermal" category (lizard-lips) while ornithopods and ceratopsians may have had fleshy cheeks behind their beaks.

    Life's Time Capsule: me, 3D and Plateosaurus...

  • If you do blog on, say, ornithopods, fire up your tracking software right after and watch your number of hits dive like a hungry peregrine.

    Happy first birthday Tetrapod Zoology (part II)

  • Of course there are also the ornithischians: anachronistic ornithopods and pliosaur chew-toys.

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  • There were large and small theropods, several types of sauropod, herbivorous ornithopods, and both stegosaurs and ankylosaurs.

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  • How does this research get done, and where do I apply to use those funds to study ornithopods instead?

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  • When I was a child, ornithopods laid their eggs and then walked away forever.


  • Three species of the Hateg dinosaurs - the plant-eating sauropod Magyarosaurus and the plant-eating ornithopods Telmatosaurus and Zalmoxes - are half the length of their nearest relatives elsewhere. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • They also possessed strong backs that were reinforced with bony rods, and bird-like feet ( '' [[ornithopods]] '')

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  • All ornithopods walk on two legs (bipedal) and are plant eaters (herbivores).

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  • Other herds, consisting mainly or entirely of juveniles, have been found in the following dinosaur groups: sauropods, theropods, ankylosaurs, ceratopsians and ornithopods. Top headlines


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