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  • n. The rock deformed by an orogeny


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  • The process continues today, resulting in the particularly active and dramatic St. Elias "orogen" - geologists 'word for mountains that grow from collision of tectonic plates. - latest science and technology news stories

  • When the boundary of a plate is a continent, the resulting deformation, or orogen can be very broad and diffuse.

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  • Intraplate orogenic belts are the most obvious exception to the plate tectonic paradigm, which assumes that plate interiors are rigid and undeformable, and that orogen-scale deformation occurs exclusively at plate margins.

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  • Hildebrand et al. present a study on Wopmay orogen - a nearly two-billion-year-old belt of rocks that formed when the leading edge of the Slave continent, now located in northwestern Canada, was pulled beneath a microcontinent, which contained a volcanic regime similar to the present-day Ring of Fire.

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  • They demonstrate that the orogen likely developed over a Neoproterozoic failed continental rift that was linked to the breakup of the supercontinent Rodinia.

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  • The orogen experienced crustal thickening and high-temperature decompressional melting, resulting in widespread syn - to late-orogenic granitic intrusions.

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  • The Calderian orogeny in Wopmay orogen (1.9 Ga), northwestern Canadian Shield

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  • Geologic correlation of the Himalayan orogen and Indian craton: Part 2.

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  • Geologic correlation of the Himalayan orogen and Indian craton: Part 1.

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  • The Longmen Shan mountain range, site of the devastating 12 May 2008 Wenchuan (M = 7.9) earthquake, defines the eastern margin of the Himalayan orogen and exhibits greater topographic relief than anywhere else in the Tibetan plateau.

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