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  • adj. straight-jawed

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  • adj. Having the front of the head, or the skull, nearly perpendicular, not retreating backwards above the jaws; -- opposed to prognathous. See Gnathic index, under gnathic.

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  • Straight-jawed; having the profile of the face vertical or nearly so, in consequence of the shortness of the jaws which constitutes orthognathism.


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ortho- + -gnathous


  • In the former case the skull is said to be 'orthognathous' or straight-jawed; in the latter, it is called 'prognathous,' a term which has been rendered, with more force than elegance, by the Saxon equivalent, -- 'snouty.'

    Lectures and Essays

  • Southern Asia to Hindostan, would give us a sort of equator, around which round-headed, oval-headed, and oblong-headed, prognathous and orthognathous, fair and dark races — but none possessing the excessively marked characters of Calmuck or Negro — group themselves.


  • But it is singular to remark that, in another respect, the prognathous skulls are less ape-like than the orthognathous, the cerebral cavity projecting decidedly more beyond the anterior end of the axis in the prognathous, than in the orthognathous, skulls.


  • It appears, at once, from these views, that the prognathous skulls, so far as their jaws are concerned, do really differ from the orthognathous in much the same way as, though to a far less degree than, the skulls of the lower mammals differ from those of


  • Side and front views of the round and orthognathous skull of a Calmuck, after Von Baer.


  • The diagrams in Figure 29 are reduced from very carefully made diagrams of sections of four skulls, two round and orthognathous, two long and prognathous, taken longitudinally and vertically, through the middle.


  • At the northern and eastern end of the same line there live the most brachycephalic, orthognathous, straight-haired, yellow-skinned of men — the


  • Sections of orthognathous (light contour) and prognathous (dark contour) skulls, one-third of the natural size.


  • Thus John Beddoe, who later became the President of the Anthropological Institute (1889-1891), wrote in his Races of Britain (1862) that all men of genius were orthognathous (less prominent jaw bones) while the Irish and the Welsh were prognathous and that the Celt was closely related to Cromagnon man, who, in turn, was linked, according to Beddoe, to the “Africanoid”.

    Who’s White: Debriefing

  • He took as the normal type the skull of the Caucasian race, which is distinguished by harmony of the individual parts, none being unduly prominent: with roundness (mesocephaly) are united a massive high forehead, narrow cheek-bones, round alveolar arch, and an orthognathous upper jaw.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss


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