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  • adj. Walking or standing, with the body upright.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Carrying the body upright in walking, or in a vertical position: opposed to pronograde.


ortho- +‎ grade (Wiktionary)


  • This oxygen distribution is known as an orthograde oxygen profile.

    Chemical properties of lakes

  • Additionally, orthograde suspension is efficient because it increases stability and reduces knee and elbow flexion.

    Going Bipedal

  • Additionally, they both use the "orthograde clamber" when moving through trees.

    Going Bipedal

  • "The orthograde single and two-footed leaps are likely useful during feeding and crossing short distances between branches of the same tree," the BBC quoted Channon as saying.

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  • Vascular dysfunction, hypoxemia and the temporal obstruction of the orthograde intestinal passage induce a vicious circle with maldigestion and bacterial overgrowth syndrome.

    Find Me A Cure

  • Without interfering with the ape, the researchers used a forceplate to record the forces exerted by the gibbon's feet as it leapt, and two high speed cameras to record details of its body position, and the angles of its legs, body and arms. his revealed that the gibbon uses four distinct modes of leaping, categorised as the orthograde single footed take-off, the orthograde two footed take-off, the orthograde squat jump and the pronograde single footed take off.

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