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  • adj. Of, relating to, or being a theory holding that mental diseases or abnormalities result from various chemical imbalances or deficiencies and can be cured by restoring proper levels of chemical substances, such as vitamins and minerals, in the body.

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  • adj. relating to the theory that mental illness is the result of chemical deficiencies, and can be cured with vitamins and the like

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  • adj. designating or relating to a form of treatment of mental disorders that seeks to restore biochemical balance in the body with large doses of vitamins and minerals


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  • The professors on my doctoral committee had never heard of the word orthomolecular, and all of them were certain it wasn't an accepted, traditional area of research.

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  • And then was able to come down, after I faked sanity in the loony bin in L.A., and flew up to Canada and was able to come down with acupuncture, and then was put in touch with an extraordinary man, Dr. Abram Hoffer, who has been curing schizophrenics with nutritional -- rather complicated but nutritional means, something called orthomolecular medicine, where you remove the toxins from the system and you replenish nutrients.

    CNN Transcript Apr 21, 2005

  • A case in point involved the emergence of what became known as orthomolecular psychiatry, which was based on the belief that brain function was dependent upon the internal molecular environment.

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  • After that, he steadily expanded the list of illnesses he believed could be influenced by "orthomolecular" therapy and the number of nutrients suitable for such use.

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  • Use orthomolecular medicine, benefits to you. yipee yi yay yipee yi yo learn suz sommers cancer remedy

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  • Dr. Abram Hoffer, the father of orthomolecular psychiatry, has successfully treated thousands of schizophrenic patients using this approach.58 An extensive review of the mauve factor in many diseases by Woody McGinnis59 and his group documents how the neurotoxin influences mood, brain, and behavior.

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  • While high-quality vitamins in large doses (orthomolecular therapy) can be a life-saving health practice, these compressed pills with tiny amounts of synthetic vitamins can be useless or worse (and, if not chewed, they rarely even dissolve in the body).


  • I just spoke to a friend of mine who is a specialist on orthomolecular decease treatment, and asked him advise on this one...

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  • If I could, Larry -- if I could just say, if anyone is interested in how I've done it, please go to orthomolecular. org.

    CNN Transcript Apr 30, 2005

  • KING: Before we close shop, Margot Kidder, that's orthomolecular. org, right for more information?

    CNN Transcript Apr 30, 2005


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