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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of oscillate.


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  • I state that the variation in average finch beak size oscillated, which is accurate.

    Behe: ID rescues Common Descent

  • Therefore, if the missing 2/3 of the neutrinos from the Sun are absent because they have "oscillated" from ne to nm and nt, they should contribute to the neutral and elastic interactions, but not the charged-current interactions.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Behind her, a fan oscillated, stirring the stale air and pulling strands of her hair from the tieback.

    Side Roads « A Fly in Amber

  • Richins oscillated, one minute bemoaning the stress, the next saying he was getting better and just needed time.

    For football coach back from war, it's like starting over

  • The market oscillated wildly today, starting out 100-plus points up and then dropping some 245 points.

    HUFFPOST HILL - JUST IN: U.S. Expecting S&P Downgrade

  • Pakistan's status for the United States has oscillated from "most aligned ally" in the 1950s—when it served as a vital location for intelligence gathering against the Soviet Union and became a formal treaty ally of Washington's—to the most sanctioned state in the late 1970s when the Carter administration cracked down on Pakistan's record on human rights abuses and nuclear proliferation.

    The U.S. and Pakistan, Best of Frenemies

  • In the 1990s, it oscillated between 21 percent and 30 percent, higher than it had ever been in the postwar period.

    The Quiet Coup

  • The liniment in the bottle, however, was lower, and it still oscillated.


  • When I first arrived in Clovertown, the windmills shattered like bracelets—each blade detached, as if from string, & oscillated into the bog.


  • If news of the raid prompted celebrations in the US, in Pakistan reaction oscillated between stunned disbelief, embarrassment, anger and outright denial.

    Osama bin Laden: dead, but still a spectre for the world


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