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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of oscillate.


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  • For example, while gene expression oscillates in mice exposed to a constant state of dim light or darkness, the groups of genes that typically oscillate together – such as genes responsible for the function of an organ or a specific tissue – are chaotic under this state and don’t function as a group.

    Circadian Rhythms Found To Be In Control Of All Mammal Genes | Impact Lab

  • Both the nonphysical and the physical aspects of our universe are made up of energy and intelligence that vibrates or, in other words, oscillates, resonates, pulsates.

    Having It All

  • Instead of only 15% of our genes being regulated by circadian rhythms, as previously thought, researchers have discovered that ALL mammalian genes are affected by nature’s daily clock – our entire bodies are regulated by genes whose expression oscillates on a daily cycle.

    Circadian Rhythms Found To Be In Control Of All Mammal Genes | Impact Lab

  • Right now, however, the policy discussion oscillates between balancing the budget and supporting a fragile economic recovery—mixed with puzzlement that employment figures are disobeying the rules of a normal cyclical recovery.

    Why the Old Jobs Aren't Coming Back

  • Backstage he oscillates between hilarious and terrifying within milliseconds.

    Brendan McMahon: I Love My Job

  • Even his new relationship with Jordan (Mary-Louise Parker) oscillates with tension.

    Solitary Man Movie Trailer and Photos | /Film

  • The platform oscillates up and down, imposing small, repeated forces on the body.

    Dad Shakes Up Routine to Keep Up With the Boys

  • In the story "The Living and the Dead," he oscillates between the contrasting viewpoints of a black man and his Afrikaner employer, capturing both characters with exquisite sensitivity.

    Chronicling a World Apart

  • A comic masterpiece that oscillates wildly between our flawless plans and our messy realities.

    The Hazards of Fairyland

  • Ms. Feist's piping voice oscillates between an ache and a swoon.

    A Flock of Rock Docs


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