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  • noun biology Any substance that contributes to the (regulation of) osmotic pressure in cells and tissues


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  • Sampaio MM, Chevance F, Dippel R, Eppler T, Schlegel A, et al. (2004) Phosphotransferase-mediated transport of the osmolyte 2-O-alpha-mannosyl-D-glycerate in

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  • Clark ME, Hand SC, Bowlus RD, Somero GN (1982) Living with water stress: Evolution of osmolyte systems.

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  • Differences in osmolyte concentration and relative humidity will effect different rates of drop expansion

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  • The spectroscopic data show that high speed spore discharge mechanisms in fungi are powered by the same levels of turgor pressure that are characteristic of fungal hyphae and do not require any special mechanisms of osmolyte accumulation.



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