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  • adj. Of or pertaining to osmoregulation


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  • Others rely on the collophore to meet their respiratory and osmoregulatory needs.

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  • This conclusion is supported by published studies showing that caffeinated drinks and, to a lesser extent, mild alcoholic beverages like beer in moderation may indeed be counted toward the daily total, as well as by the large body of published experiments that attest to the precision and effectiveness of the osmoregulatory system for maintaining water balance.

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  • The dual-specificity MEK in this osmoregulatory pathway, called Pbs2, also functions as a scaffold for assembly of a large signaling complex.

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  • There are two osmoregulatory MAP kinase pathways in S. cerevisiae; both lead to activation of the MAP kinase Hog1, but only one pathway requires Ste11.

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  • We also show that pathologic hypertonicity levels, as occurring in plasma of patients and animal models of osmoregulatory disorders, inhibited the induction of cyclins and aurora B kinase in response to T cell receptor stimulation in fresh NFAT5

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  • Schnetz MP, Irarrazabal CE, Shen RF, Williams CK, et al. (2007) Proteomic identification of proteins associated with the osmoregulatory transcription factor TonEBP / OREBP: Functional effects of Hsp90 and PARP-1.

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  • Our previous results raised the question of whether the control of the cytoplasmic localization of NFAT5 was necessary to prevent the activation of osmoregulatory responses in the absence of hypertonic stress.

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  • Together, these results suggested that the imbalance was caused by the skin's failure to properly maintain its osmoregulatory functions.

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  • [31] - [37], and deficiency of osmoregulatory proteins such as vasopressin V2 receptor

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