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  • n. Plural form of ossicle.


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  • Reabsorption of Meckel’s cartilage frees the ossicles from the mandible allowing them to migrate to the middle ear.

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  • During mammalian development, the ossicles are attached to the mandible by Meckel's cartilage.

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  • For in the ear the sound-waves are first of all taken over by the so-called ossicles, three small bones in the middle ear which, when examined with the Goethean eye, appear to be

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  • There are three little bones in this chamber, called ossicles, which transmit the sound waves that bounce off the taut eardrum into the inner ear (which them transmits the information to the brain).

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  • If you were to claim, for instance, that reptiles and mammals do not share a common ancestor, then any discussion of the evolution of mammalian ossicles would be without foundation.

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  • The structures that develop into reptilian jaw bones become mammalian ossicles.

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  • But we can still objectively classify humans and dolphins with toads in the outgroup based on the overall pattern of traits (mammary glands, aortic arch, hair follicles during some stage of development, a single lower jaw bone, auditory ossicles, diaphragm).

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  • Humans have auditory ossicles because they inherited them from their mammalian ancestors.

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  • We can also note that Behe is contradicted by specific instances, including the evolution of mammalian auditory ossicles. nullasalus: I'm pointing out how little that commits him to.

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  • More recently, experiments have shown that small mutations to developmental genes can profoundly affect the process by which the ossicles separate from the jaw.

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