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  • n. Plural form of ostracod.


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  • Among the stems and leaves of the ancient mosses, the researchers found fossils of tiny crustaceans called ostracods, fragments of larval casings of mosquito-like flies called midges and a millimeter-wide bit of a beetle shell.

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  • Their research has revealed fossilized evidence for reproduction using giant sperm in a group of small aquatic crustaceans, called ostracods, dating back to

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  • Boy ostracods attract girl ostracods by using flashing lights.

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  • Boy ostracods use "a special long leg" to pass sperm into girl ostracods.

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  • Freshwater ostracods are remarkable for their high frequency of species which have abandoned sexual reproduction.


  • Freshwater ostracods go through eight moult stages before they mature.


  • While transitions to parthenogenesis are rare in most other animal groups, about one-third of all freshwater ostracods have given up sex.


  • Freshwater ostracods are free-living except for members of one group which are commensal on the gills of crayfish.


  • The ability of eggs, larvae, and adults to withstand freezing and desiccation is a very important biological characteristic which aids the dispersal of ostracods from one body of water to another.


  • Several large muscles are directly attached to the carapace, and these points of attachment leave scars that are useful in discriminating some groups of ostracods.



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