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  • noun An obsolete form of ostrich.


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  • The ostridge approach to breast cancer will get a lot of women killed.

    Wasserman Schultz: Health panel findings 'disturbing'

  • So I own the following cow boy boots:one pair black elkskinone pair green lizard with black cowhide shaftsone pair tan foot with red shaftsone pair tan ostridge with turquoise shaftone pair brown suede with light tan shaftsone pair bright red with turquoise shafts and white star appliquesand one pair brown oil tanned leatherI live in New York City.

    Loafer Update! - A Dress A Day

  • We could see lots of animals including giraffes, zebra and ostridge.

    2009 Florida Part 2

  • Throw her some cash and some of that denial based ostridge-politics that you seem to be clinging onto.

    Bloc Of Neutral Senators Says It's Time To Get Behind Obama

  • On Sundays, when you could go out without your 'art in your mouth an account of them' orful shellses, a fair female form in a large and flamboyant hat, whose imitation ostridge tips were now mere bundles of quill shavings, and whose flowers were as wilted as the other blossoms of her heart, wandered disconsolately round her Walt's place of bondage, waving a lily hand on the chance of being seen and recognised.

    The Dop Doctor

  • Emigration Jane thinks, though it's a bit too quiet for her taste, it'll do her a fair old treat when she trims it up with a bit more colour and one or two 'imitation ostridge' tips ....

    The Dop Doctor

  • Und not dry do keep den ostridge-bird in dem gage, bood go und zhoot him, und zell die vedders do me.

    Diamond Dyke The Lone Farm on the Veldt - Story of South African Adventure

  • "You vill not leave here -- mein cracious, no! You vill shdop und get all die ostridge you gan, und shend dem out effery day to big oop zom shdones, und den you vill dig oop der earth vor die pirts to vind more shdones, und when dey haf shvallowed all dey gan, you und der bube here vill kill dem, und empty die gizzards into die powls of water to vash dem."

    Diamond Dyke The Lone Farm on the Veldt - Story of South African Adventure

  • And look here, Master Roy, when you've done speaking, you just wave your hat, and chuck it up in the air, as if fine felts and ostridge feathers weren't nothing to you, who called upon

    The Young Castellan A Tale of the English Civil War

  • Thought it would be cool to include a picture of an ostridge now, brought to you by

    Search Engine Roundtable


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