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  • At another time.


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  • Had some other misc. stuff after release like Driving on a Suspended License or some othertime.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Recent Michigan Prosecutions for “Seducing an Unmarried Woman” 

  • He had never called me by my first name before these procedures, and he never, ever calls me by my first name at any othertime.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Public Service Announcement:

  • Even floating god-b'ke in othertime, otherplace, the essence of her passes through his trembling fingers like grains of sand disappearing into the heart of the desert.

    The White Ninja

  • I as crazy player would liko fill more than one option, because sometimes in some games I am very "story first" and othertime if eel like "the best rules are least rules".


  • Harvest Moon playing in the background, whatever we had been dissolving like the snowbanks with the coming of spring. and in the morning, a last ritual wake & bake and then convocation and i drove away in my grandmother's borrowed Datsun and waved, and i have never seen him again. it was before email, dear readers, in that strange othertime where you could actually lose somebody completely, even if you didn't really want to. but he was the time and place in my life where the air was thick and green, and for a second at the concert the other night i could almost believe i saw his shadow, a few rows down, if i squinted my eyes just right.


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