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  • adjective linguistics In Old Japanese, one of two sets of vowels of uncertain pronunciation which fell together in modern Japanese.


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From Japanese otsu "second".


  • For sheer funkiness, however, a lesser-known class of pictures called otsu-e Otsu pictures can’t be beat.

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  • whoa! thanks rachel. simon is the best. been running into him for years and has always been humble & kind. this show was special because his lady lart helped out a bunch. she is very talented and has a few cheaper things available at otsu. radical. hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. sincerely, adam c.

    Simon Evans

  • If you’re in Tokyo this month or next, the Mingeikan Japanese Folk Art Museum in Tokyo has an otsu-e exhibit lasting until March 27.

    Otsu-e » Japundit Blog

  • = tum / otsu Woman's perspective / otsu / otsu * Related by Marriage

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