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  • Ought to.


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  • I refuse to read any children's book that uses the word "oughter" to rhyme with


  • "Ah know," he responded, hastily; "you hadn 'oughter' a 'done hit.

    A Tar-Heel Baron

  • "You oughter have some sleep," Elijah counselled gravely.

    Chapter VI

  • But the best Disney hero song (outside of maybe Davy Crockett) was for Texas John Slaughter, for "Texas John Slaughter made 'em do what they oughter, 'cause if they didn't, they died."

    David E.

  • But he crossed over on the stones, and with a "I really oughter take that hike," the need of the precaution passed out of his mind and he fell to work.

    All Gold Cañon

  • I oughter 'a ben in Klondike by now, if I'd had any luck at all.


  • An 'yeh oughter thank yer lucky stars for havin' a man what knows his business.


  • I think I oughter blog about this over at atlas (t).

    More on Map of Spec Fic

  • “I was that worried—not that I oughter have been, I know, but sometimes fellers can so turn a man, with all their questions—”

    The Blackstone Key

  • You call us Mr. Brown when you fink we oughter keep our names secret.

    Personal Demons


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