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  • adv. leading or ahead in a competition


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  • She walks out front and nods to the sergeant as she fills the Loon's cup with stale patrol coffee.

    Land of the Blind

  • There was a dry cleaner on the corner and a fortune-teller, and at the far end was a lighting-fixture store, but there were apartment buildings everywhere—each with its own family out front barbecuing on hibachis placed haphazardly on the stone steps.

    Miss Misery

  • Less than five minutes later there was a screech of rubber out front and Kearns stood, mike in hand, in front of Volpi's table.

    The Beach House

  • The Wexton police station is like a hundred other small-town law enforcement agencies: a squat cement building with a flagpole planted out front like a giant tulip stalk; a dispatcher so infrequently bothered that she keeps a portable TV at her desk; a nursery school class mural spread along the wall, thanking the chief for keeping everyone safe.


  • We might want to start helping Uncle Owen out front so that when they do finally make it—


  • The bushy-eyebrowed owner was upset at our late arrival, tapped his watch and shook his head, moved us from a table out front to one in the back, brought bread and wine.

    The Italian Summer

  • On one of the narrowest stretches of Rosenkrantz Street, above a door painted bright red, there was a little display window crammed full of clocks and, sure enough, a sign hanging out front that read TRENCH COAT CLOCK SHOP.

    Bubble in the Bathtub

  • PURCELL WAS HUNKERED ON the fire escape in the jasmine and honeysuckle-perfumed courtyard behind Club Hell, preparing to break into the building through a pair of French windows, when the authoritative screech of brakes from out front propelled him back up the iron stairs and to the roof.

    Etched in Bone

  • “So there was a line out front of the window, where you get the cheesesteaks, is that right?”


  • Duncan followed the sidewalk around to the front of the building that faced Oglethorpe Avenue, walked past the black-and-white 1953 squad car that was parked out front like a mascot, and continued on until he reached the middle of the block, where there was a gated entrance to the Colonial Park Cemetery.



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