out of nowhere love


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  • adv. In an unexpected or inexplicable manner of arrival or occurrence.


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  •     The storm had come out of nowhere as he skirted the Korlisian coast.

    The Brothers' War

  • They fell silent as Spectacles Wu came out of nowhere to search him.

    Noble House

  • “So Embry and Quil and I were running patrol on Saturday night, just routine stuff, when out of nowhere — bam!”


  • Fads seem to spring full-blown out of nowhere and for no good reason.

    Futures Imperfect

  • “Hey, Felicity, that was a good answer,” Bobby Blowhard said, appearing out of nowhere and sliding in between me and Andy.

    Flirting with Disaster

  • Stu was driving along the section of the expressway approaching the tunnel when a few cars in front of him got tangled up in one of those spontaneous fender benders that seem to come out of nowhere but can snarl traffic for infuriating hours.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • Cara pointed to Alexis, who was laid out like an Egyptian princess on a lounge chair, posing as if she expected a paparazzo to appear out of nowhere and snap her picture.


  • All I knew was I was looking at a set of mean-looking horns on an even meaner-looking cow, and out of nowhere came those hands that lifted me into the air—not only into the air, but rising up to clear the gate to the field and land on the other side.

    CSS: Christmas Cheer

  • The Germans had popped out of nowhere (during the consulship of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus), and after inflicting a hideous defeat upon a huge and superbly trained Roman army (during the consulship of Gnaeus Papirius Carbo) disappeared again as if they had never been.

    The First Man in Rome

  • We stopped at the telefeeshin for a long time, as I tried to explain what it was, then just decided to show her, standing with my back to the set and pulling the “on” knob that I was blocking from her, hoping to make her first sight of a TV program that much more magical, coming out of nowhere as it would be.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna


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