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  • v. Present participle of out-flank.


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  • This might mean a trench around the Romans camp, but more likely it is a reference to a ditch or ditches dug to keep Spartacuss cavalry from out-flanking the legions, constructed just as Sulla had done at the Battle of Orchomenus in Greece in 85 B.C. As the Roman general Corbulo would later say, you defeat the enemy with a pickaxe.

    The Spartacus War

  • But no doubt the arrangement would give the enemy pause, and waste his time in out-flanking movements: violà tout, hgd.


  • Six-year-old online auction firm Dena flirted with bankruptcy after the bust, but now founder Tomoko Namba is effectively out-flanking auction leader Yahoo Japan with a service that works exclusively over mobile phones.

    Welcome to Samurai 2.0

  • His weakness, in numbers, for only fifty men and a few Indians had come up, was, however, soon apparent, and the enemy came to a halt, and another section of the foe made a movement with the view of out-flanking the assailants.

    The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation Volume 1

  • To ensure the success of this ruse, the services of a section of the Town Guard were requisitioned for out-flanking purposes on the one side; while the geographical position of the railway line permitted the utilisation of the armoured train for similar service on the other.

    The Siege of Kimberley

  • The Confederates, far out-flanking, swung around him, but as they reached the top of the hill they met a brigade which Warren had sent just in time to defeat this attempt.

    A Brief History of the United States

  • Indeed they are an out-flanking movement in the big counter-attack against the Left which Lord Elton.

    As I Please

  • So you found that during these last eighteen months-just as in ancient days before the taking of a city the enemy would seep underneath the walls-there has been a gradual seeping, supported by intimidation, of these various nations of the Balkans, so that by out-flanking and then coercing, each would fall without a fight.

    Off The Record

  • So that as Gen. Allenby advances up Palestine and into Assyria, he is in danger all the time and must guard against an out-flanking by a force based upon the city of Damascus and supplied by the Hashaz railway which runs eastward of the Jordan valley and parallel with it.

    The Imperial Significance of the Capture of Jerusalem

  • There must be the due amount of verbal skirmishing, reconnoitering, and out-flanking before the main purpose is revealed.

    The Homesteaders A Novel of the Canadian West


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