from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Outside; outdoors; abroad; at some distance from home: as, I had been outby and had just got home: the opposite of inby.
  • In mining, going out of the mine or in the direction of the shaft: the opposite of inby.
  • Outlying; remote or sequestered.


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  • AIG's derivatives unit has unwound most of the soured mortgage trades with Goldman Sachs that were left after the insurer was bailed outby the federal government.


  • UFO Disclosure would also expose advanced energy-generating and anti-gravitic propulsion technologies, which have been figured outby those involved with the UFOtopic in the black world, and would free us from our energy problems.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Obama's To-Do List-- Open Thread; Add your to-do items

  • Is it wise to talk about a friend behind his or her back, or will they find outby tonight?

    Childhood Unbound

  • If you recall, it wasthis very same friendly, polite, even warm individual who this past July hadCindy Sheehan, 27-year veteran analyst of the CIA Ray McGovern, Rev. Lennox Yearwood and 50 othersinConyers anteroom, who were there to discuss Impeachment, arrested and taken outby the Capitol Police then "processed" for six hours.

    Conyers Tells Rob Kall: Impeachment Not Off the Table; A You Tube Video

  • American film critics arealso being squeezed outby the wisdom of crowds.

    Goodbye to the TV critics?

  • Security agencies have been trying to strengthen the impression that the attack on Bhutto'sprocession was carried outby the tribesmen -- thus deciding that a largearmy operation is needed in the tribal areas.

    Capture and Kill Terrorists, But Please Save the Innocent

  • Here's a collection of stories - it was announced at a Palm User group meeting in Paris that a device using the Cobalt OS would outby the end of the year.

    Palm Cobalt Device coming

  • ` ` This is a miserable place for ye a ',' 'said Hobbie, looking around him; ` ` I can sleep weel eneugh mysell outby beside the naig, as I hae done mony a lang night on the hills; But how ye are to put yoursells up, I canna see!

    The Black Dwarf

  • Harry and I hae been to gather what was on the outby land, and there's scarce a cloot left.

    The Black Dwarf

  • ` ` And div ye think, '' rejoined the virago, setting her arms akimbo, ` ` that my man and my sons are to gae to the sea in weather like yestreen and the day --- sic a sea as it's yet outby --- and get naething for their fish, and be misca'd into the bargain,

    The Antiquary


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